Vehicle Lockout Services

Locked Out? Trust Tow Broz Car Lockout Services in Livonia, MI to Quickly Get You Back into Your Car

24 Hour Car Lockout Service Livonia MI | Tow Broz Company - locked-outAfter multiple unsuccessful attempts of safely getting into your locked vehicle, it’s time to call the pros.

Whether you left your keys in your car or lost them altogether, you’ve likely tried every way to get a door or window open. Your attempts were likely unsuccessful if you’re reading this, and that’s okay! Getting into a locked vehicle is supposed to be difficult; it means that your car’s anti-theft system is working and intact. Don’t settle for breaking a window and causing damage to your vehicle; call the car lockout professionals at Tow Broz! We have extensive experience helping our customers get into their locked vehicles, and for a fair price. If you need to get into your locked car and quick, the Tow Broz can be on the scene faster than the rest.

Don’t fret, car lockouts in Livonia happen all the time and are an easy fix for the Tow Broz!

While locking your keys in your car may seem like both an embarrassing and a “why me?” situation, it’s extremely common. We have handled hundreds of car lockouts, and can quickly get you back into your car. Emergency situations arise all the time, such as if a child or a pet is in the locked car, and it’s only natural for you to panic. However, you can trust us to respond with the utmost urgency when unlocking your vehicle.

Trying to unlock your car without a professional not only is a waste of time, but it can also damage your car in the process!

If your spare key is with your spouse at work or is simply lost, trying to finagle your way into your car isn’t the best idea. Here are a few things to avoid while waiting for the Tow Broz to arrive:

Using a Hanger – We’ve all heard of this one: slipping a wire hanger into your window to unlock your vehicle. Not only is this almost impossible to accomplish, but it can also harm your vehicle’s weatherstrip, allowing rain, snow, and bugs to get into your car. Not worth it!

Trying to Reach Into a Semi-Opened Window – You see a slight gap in your car’s window and think to yourself that your arm will definitely fit. You reach in and are so close to unlocking the car, but sadly, the only thing you accomplish is getting your arm trapped in the door. This means that not only are your keys locked in your car, but you’re also stuck, too!

Breaking the Window Altogether – Depending on who you’re talking to for advice, some may say that breaking the window is cheaper than having a professional come out to unlock the vehicle. When you add the price of a new window and the labor to install it, however, that’s not quite the case.

To request vehicle lockout service from the Tow Broz, contact us now! We’ll be there as fast as we can.