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"My mom was stranded in Novi due to a flat tire. She waited 2 hours for our insurance company to send someone out only to be told that they cancelled because she wasn't there when the driver got there. Obviously she couldn't drive her car which is why we called the tow truck in the first place!! I called Tow Broz. Greg gave me a very fair price and his driver was there in the estimated time. Thank you sooo much :) *"

"I can't say enough lovely things about these guys. They took exceptionally good care of me and of my car and, after a few snafus with AAA and my insurance, just gave me a free tow to where I needed to go. A quality company with quality guys! Thanks!*"

"Can't argue with the service here. I popped a tire late at night about 30 minutes away from their business location, which is about how long it took to get to me (a totally fair time!) They put my spare on since I felt like I was going to drop my car and crush myself if I did it.*"

"And wouldn't you know my spare was flat too! So I'm SUPER grateful I decided to have someone do it for me - they filled it with air and I was on my way.*"

"Thank you! Kind and quick transaction!*"

"I locked myself out of my car really late at night at a gas station in South Lyon. I was prepared for a long wait, then Joe from Tow Broz showed up in 5 minutes! So efficient! and Friendly! He really turned an frustrating experience into a pleasant one!  Thank you, Joe!!!*"